Galway’s Westend launches plant based reusable water bottle

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Dong their part for the environment, Galway’s Westend have launched a corn starch plant based reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste.

This reusable bottle water bottle initiative is a directive from the Westend Traders Association aims to encourage all traders and people who eat, drink or just socialise in the area to curb their single plastic usage.

An estimated 183 million litres of water were bought in the Republic of Ireland in 2017 according to Drinks Industry Ireland.

When thinking about that amount, it’s also worth keeping in mind that bottled water requires up to 2,000 times the energy used to produce tap water.

The association has been campaigning for a public water refill station to be installed in the area since early 2019.

Now, however, they have taken action themselves together with the Train Station Gym and installed a filtered water refill station at the Gym’s reception on Munster Avenue.

“As we are still awaiting local government to make a public water refill station a reality, we needed to find a home for a refill water station on private property,” explained Lisa Reagan.

She added that the gym was a perfect choice since it lets people fill up from the early morning until late in the evening, and also because a gym typically sees a lot of single use water bottle usage.

“This new refill station will give no excuses for anyone not having a refill bottle and using the filtered water refill station there to hydrate themselves”.

Ronan Kennedy of the Train Station said that after speaking with Lisa he was delighted to take part in the water bottle initiative.

“We are determined to have single use water bottles banned entirely from the gym by the end of January, and with the New Year and all the resolutions that come with it, what better time than now?”

The Galways Westend plant-based water reusable bottles are available at The Train Station Gym, Massimo Galway, Botown or Greens and Co. and are priced at €10.

Simon Heaslip Chairman of Westend Traders Association said that they have been working on this initiative since last September, with the source of the bottles being a key focus.

“Working together in this area is the reason why we can get things done and across the line. It is really for the greater good of our area and the environment,” he added.

The area is also part of the national campaign and businesses within the area with a Sticker allow you to refill your bottle at their location. This can be viewed on the Tap Map on