Bank Holiday Weekend weather forecast: More sun on the way

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The Bank Holiday Weekend will be mostly dry in Galway, with more sunshine forecast for the beginning of next week.

Tomorrow, Saturday, will start off sunny and temperatures will reach 14 or 15 degrees in the afternoon. It will become slightly cloudier as the day goes on but it should remain dry across the county.

Sunday will be cloudier than Saturday, but Met Eireann say current indications suggest most areas should remain dry with some sunny spells and just light variable breezes.

There’s a chance of some light showers in the early afternoon and temperatures will again reach 14 or 15 degrees.

The beginning of next week looks like it will bring more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.

Bank Holiday Monday will see sunny spells throughout the day and temperatures of 17 degrees in the afternoon.

Tuesday and Wednesday look set to bring more sunshine, with Tuesday being slightly cooler than Monday.

Wednesday looks like it will see more sunny spells with highs of up to 17 degrees, and early indications are that these days will be mostly dry across Galway.