Galway East: No-one elected on 1st count as Canney holds the lead

Galway Daily news Galway Traveller Movement holding Voting Call for upcoming referendums

The first count is in from Galway East and no candidate has been elected yet, with the two lowest performing candidates eliminated.

Sean Canney looks likely to be returned in Galway East, out in front with 7,815 votes.

The independent candidate hasn’t made the quota of 10,631 yet, but holds a lead of over 700 votes on anyone before transfers come in to play.

Polling for the second seat in this district is Louis O’Hara of Sinn Féin, who had an extremely impressive first preference performance, taking 7,108 votes.

So far it seems as if the third seat will be a toss up between two Fine Gael candidates, with just 264 votes between sitting TD Ciaran Cannon (6,298) and Peter Roche (6,034).

Fianna Fáil is trailing behind with Anne Rabbitte (5,762) at risk of losing her seat, and Donagh Killilea (4,932) behind her.

Rabbitte will need to pick up a big boost from transfers to hold onto her seat and hope that O’Hara doesn’t attract many second preferences.

The two lowest performing candidates, Deaglan McCanna (Renua) and David O’Reill (Ind) have been eliminated.

Their 126 and 246 votes will now be redistributed for the second count.