Galway Cycle Bus joins ChangeX community

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The organisers of the Galway Cycle Bus – which allows children to cycle safely to school – have said they are delighted to have been invited to join the ChangeX community.

ChangeX is a platform which provides solutions for companies investing in communities across the world – and gets funding directly to anyone ready to lead creative new projects in their communities.

The Galway Cycle Bus joins Irish Men’s Sheds and Playworks Ireland in the ChangeX community.

Their 51-page step-by-step guide to creating a cycle bus has been used by families and schools across Ireland from Dublin to Leitrim and Limerick, and is now available online to an international community.

The cycle bus allows means that pupils can cycle to school, waiting at pick up points for the ‘bus’, led by parents and volunteers.

Alan Curran, who is a parent, teacher, and co-organiser of the Galway Cycle Bus said that they are “thrilled to have been asked to join the ChangeX platform”

“We hope that other communities all over Ireland and abroad will use our Cycle Bus experience and to create similar initiatives facilitating more active travel for primary school children.

“We also welcome financial and in-kind support from local businesses.

“Cycling to school with your classmates and neighbours is an ordinary thing yet absolutely fun. We start off every day brimming with joy.

Neasa Bheilbigh, another ocal parent, teacher, and co-organiser added: “It’s just great. Our Galway Cycle Bus continues to grow and it’s wonderful that from now it will bring even more communities across the world together.”