Galway County Council to get rid of outdated website 

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Galway County Council’s current website is outdated, old and not giving the county the profile it deserves, Cllr Andrew Reddington has said.

Cllr Reddington brought up the issue of the website at the plenary meeting of Galway County Council on Monday, where he said the executive should invest in a much-needed update. 

He said that he doesn’t believe the website is operating the way it should be, and that he has tried to download forms and there are forms that are outdated still on the system.

“The graphics, links and the whole image of it are not appealing. We need to sell this great county better than we are he stated. The website could be a great tool to promote our county,” he said.

“When I look at Mayo County Councils website, the first thing that pops up is ‘how can I help you’ unfortunately the Galway County Councils website is more challenging to navigate.”

Reddington said that having a good online presence, particularly a website, can improve the council’s credibility across the country.

“He stated at the meeting that the social media aspect of the council doing their business was excellent with regular updates on jobs available but I do be embarrassed with the website when I log on.

“Liam Conneally CEO of Galway County Council stated that this was something he wanted to work on straight away, he said he was openly disappointed with the website and had planned to get a team together immediately to improve it and this was the first item he had raised with his team since he took over as CEO.”

Cllr Reddington sincerely thanked Mr Conneally for his commitment to do this so early in his tenure as CEO and believed this investment would be a game changer for the county.