Galway 2020 Chairperson announces resignation

Galway Daily news Galway 2020 appoints new Creative Director after eight month vacancy

The Chairperson of Galway 2020 Aideen McGinley has announced she is resigning from her position.

Announcing her decision to step down, Ms McGinley said that as the project moves to a new phase she feels that it needs a new chairperson with a different skill set.

Ms McGinley said she will remain in her position as chair until a new appointment has been made.

She will play a key role in choosing her successor and will continue to support the project as a member of the board after stepping down.

Galway 2020 also announced three new appointments to the managing board.

Arthur Lappin is a leading film and television producer who has worked on many well known films such as My Left FootThe Field, and In the Name Of The Father.

He previously worked with Galway 2020 on the bid book and brings industry expertise on top of having sat dozens of cultural organisation in film, theatre, and other arts.

Finbarr Bradley is a financial expert who teaches at the Smurfit Business School at UCD and is was formerly a finance professor at DCU.

On top of his financial expertise Mr Bradley is also a fluent Irish speaker.

And Ivonka Kwiek, a anthropologist and culture manager who lives and works in Galway is also joining the board.

The resignation of McGinley is the latest major turnover at the board of Galway 2020 that has seen most of the original guiding staff leave.

Original CEO Hannah Kiely was replaced by Patricia Philbin in October and a replacement has yet to be named for Creative Director Chris Baldwin after nearly a year.

The project took a major step forward when the first major round of government funding was confirmed in October with €6 million included in the national budget.

Despite this, funding issues have caused frustrations among local artistic groups who feel that Galway 2020 will not be able to deliver on what was promised in the bid book.