Hundreds of Galway students protest against climate change inaction

Galway Daily news climate strike in Eyre Square

Hundreds of students in Galway left school today to join a protest in Eyre Square against inaction the threat from climate change.

They were among thousands of students who came out across dozens of locations in Ireland to call for more action to tackle climate change in a worldwide day of protest.

The Friday protests are inspired by 15 year old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, who has sparked a global movement with the protest she began outside the Swedish parliament eight months ago.

Protesters in Galway gathered in Galway from 1pm, with massive crowds of young people gathering at the top of the square with banners and chants to show the people what a crucial issue this is for them.


What separates this movement from many other causes is that it was largely organised by a loose coalition of schools and students without a single driving force behind it.

Other major protest in Ireland today took place in Cork and Dublin, where young people were met by Minister for Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton who praised them for their passion.

The young protesters were more interested in seeing solid action on tackling the threat of climate change than hearing the Minister’s words, however.