Forster Street added to Galway City’s summer outdoor dining plans

Galway Daily news Pedestrianising of city streets referred to An Bord Pleanála

Galway City Council has added Forster Street to its plans to pedestrianise city centre areas this summer to support outdoor dining.

The council has announced that Forster Street will be closed to traffic from 6pm – 11pm each evening to facilitate outdoor dining.

This measure will last from June 7, when bars and restaurants are allowed to resume outdoor dining, until September 30.

Advance diversion signage will be put in place before this commences.

This is an addition to plans previously unveiled by the city council to pedestrianise important sections of the city centre, Woodquay, and Westend to support bars and restaurants reopening.

Under the plans, Raven’s Terrace and Small Crane will be pedestrianised 24/7, and evening closures will be introduced on William Street West and Dominick Street Lower.

Dominick Street Upper will be reduced to a single lane, and the outbound lane at Woodquay will also be closed.

Additional space will also be created on Middle Street in the city centre by infilling parking areas.