Eyre Square vigil for mother who died after being denied abortion in Poland

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Agnieszka T, 37, died on Tuesday. Her family says that the Polish government has 'blood on its hands'.

A vigil will be held at Eyre Square this evening (Saturday) at 6pm to remember a 37-year-old Polish mother who died this week after being denied an abortion in Poland.

Agnieszka T died in Poland on Tuesday after being refused an abortion – a year after the country introduced some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe.

Agnieszka T, who was pregnant with twins, was admitted to the Blessed Virgin Mary hospital in Częstochowa with abdominal pain on 21 December. She was “fully conscious and in good physical shape” when she was admitted to hospital.

When one of the foetus’ heartbeat stopped, doctors refused to carry out an abortion, quoting the current abortion legislation, according to Agnieszka’s family.

Doctors then waited several days until the second foetus also died and a further two days before terminating the pregnancy on 31 December, the family say.

They say that her health continued to deteriorate following the termination, and died earlier this week – possibly from sepsis.

Her family said the Polish government has “blood on their hands”.