Extinction rebellion march will highlight climate crisis

Galway Daily news Extinction rebellion Galway to hold climate crisis protest

Extinction Rebellion Galway have organised their second big gathering to highlight the catastrophic effects of climate change.

The Climate Emergency Protest march will take place in Salthill on Sunday afternoon in protest against policies that are failing to address ecological devastation affecting out planet.

The protest will take the form of a mock funeral procession to commemorate the death of the world as we know it.

The march is taking place this Sunday, starting at Salthill carpark from 2pm and making its way towards Eyre Square.

Anyone who’d like to join the march is asked to wear black to join in with the solemn theme.

This is the second major event help by Extinction Rebellion Galway to protest the dangers of our climate crisis.

Last November hundreds of people came out to a protest in Salthill where they acted out a mass die-off.

In less than half a century of industrialisation, humanity has wiped out nearly 60 percent of the animal life on this planet.

The devastation we have wrought is so profound that science has even classified it as an extinction event, the Holocene Extinction.

Every report made highlight the same message, that there is only a few years left to turn back the damage before we are confronted with an irreversible ecological catastrophe.

This protest and other extinction rebellion events like it are geared towards pushing national governments to adopt more ambitious climate and conservation strategies.