Galway wastewater facilities ‘endangering locals’ says local PBP rep

Claddagh Nun, the Long Walk, Galway (Photo by Jonathan Curran, February 2012)

A local People Before Profit representative has demanded that the release of wastewater into the Claddagh be ceased immediately.

The call comes after photographs of wastewater, which was seen entering the Claddagh Basin on Sunday, surfaced on social media.

PBP Galway representative Adrian Curran said that the issue has been going on for years.

He said this shows Galway City Council has caused Ireland to be in violation of the European Communities (Natural Habitats) Regulations and that it introduces a serious public health issue.

“In the current climate and biodiversity crisis, it is essential we do everything to protect these important species and their habitats.”

On what action needs to be taken, Curran said that a complete investment in a significant upgrade of wastewater facilities is needed in Galway.

“Improvements in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and facilitating more green spaces to prevent excess water build up.

“The law must also be changed, or at least better enforced, preventing these events from happening in the first place. The local government must step up and protect our natural resources.”