Council following ‘line of enquiry’ on illegal dumping in Ballinasloe

Galway Daily news Council following 'line of enquiry' on illegal dumping in Ballinasloe

Galway County Council has warned against illegal dumping after sharing disgraceful images of rubbish left at bring banks in Ballinasloe.

The council reminded people of fines or prosecution that can follow illegal dumping, and urged people to call them if a bring bank is full up instead of leaving rubbish there.

“Bring banks and Household Textile banks are a very important resource in helping Galway County do its part for the environment.”

“However, our area staff continue to see an increase in the level of dumping at bring banks countywide, with the type of waste regularly.”

“Left at the banks of considerable concern, including food waste and multiple bulky goods items.”

“The deposit of food waste is completely unacceptable and can result in rodent infestation at such sites.”

Cleanup of illegal dumping at Ballinasloe Bring Banks

The council said that if a bring bank is full up, people should contact their environment department at 091-509510 or

The county council shared these images of the cleanup effort needed, also warning that they have gone through this rubbish, and are following a “definite line of enquiry” for enforcement proceedings.

Littering can be punished by an on the spot fine of €150, or leave you liable to prosecution. It is illegal to leave rubbish next to a bring bank if it is full.