Teachers who qualified abroad can complete induction in Ireland

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The Teaching Council has announced today that teachers who have qualified abroad can now complete their induction in Ireland.

The measure is temporary, and teachers must apply no later than 29 October 2021 to be eligible.

It is anticipated that it could attract an additional 350 teachers to fill both short-term and long-term vacancies in schools in the next academic year.

The new rules will be particularly relevant to Irish citizens who have studied and qualified abroad and who may wish to return to the Irish education sector as we deal with our current challenges.

Director of the Teaching Council, Tomás Ó Ruairc said: “The teaching profession has risen admirably to the challenges presented by the unprecedented pandemic crisis.

“It is an absolute priority for all stakeholders in education to support our school communities nationwide and to prepare now for the new academic year and the potential for any ongoing pressures which may still exist as we emerge from the pandemic crisis.”

He said that these renewed and ongoing measures are designed to maximise the available pool of registered teachers to support schools in meeting their recruitment, supervision and substitution requirements.

“Throughout every aspect of our streamlined processes, we are expediting the registration and vetting of eligible teachers in adherence to our statutory role and regulations,” said Mr Ó Ruairc.

“The Teaching Council will continue its close collaboration with the Department of Education and all stakeholders to support our school communities in this process.”

Please click here for further information on how to apply for registration under this regulation.