NUIG Students’ Union to host first ever Consent Week

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A series of events will be hosted by NUI Galway Students’ Union during its first ever Consent Week, which begins on Monday, 14 February.

In partnership with Active* Consent, the events will look at key issues impacting on the sexual health and wellbeing of students including consent, image based sexual abuse, period poverty and STI awareness.

The workshop on Image Based Sexual Abuse will explore what “revenge porn” is, and why we need to rename it, legislation, and how to support victims emotionally and practically.

This is an issue that is on the rise rapidly in Ireland, and the Students’ Union says that there is a need to work to ensure people understand that this act can have very damaging consequences.

Active* Consent workshops will also provide a safe space to explore the nuances of sexual intimacy and consent so if people choose to be intimate with others it will be mutually consensual, mutually enjoyable and done safely.

The workshops will be interactive, informative, based on understandings of the context in which young people are exploring their sexuality, and share practical skills relevant for their own relationships.

The Active* Consent programme recently launched an online consent hub,, which provides a range of resources and tools for young people, parents, student leaders and educators to raise awareness and knowledge on sexual consent.

Students’ Union Vice-President/Welfare and Equality Officer Cora Clarke said that there are some great workshops and events coming up this week for Consent Week.

“Students’ Unions and Universities need to take a strong lead in ending the culture of victim blaming as sexual violence and harassment are still prevalent issues in today’s world,” said Cora.

“Consent is Ongoing, Mutual and Freely Given – this is the core message of the NUIG Active* Consent programme.”

Students’ Union President Róisín Nic Lochlainn added: “We hope that our Consent week events will encourage our students to take a responsible attitude to sexual health and healthy relationships.

“We still have a long way to go in Irish society in terms of breaking down the taboo of talking about sex. We want our students to be educated about their sexual rights.”

Co-lead of the Active* Consent programme Dr Charlotte McIvor said that they are delighted to partner with the Students’ Union to for the series of events.

“Active* Consent remains committed to working directly with students to create and deliver consent education programming that is needed to where it is needed through events like Consent Week,”said Dr McIvor.

“It is important that if someone does decide to become intimate with others that the experience is a positive one for all involved.”