GMIT introduces anonymous reporting tool for violence and harassment

Galway Daily news GMIT introduces anonymous reporting tool for violence and harassment

GMIT has introduced a new tool for its students to report bullying, harassment, violence, or discrimination with anonymity.

The ‘Speak Out’ tool, an online and anonymous reporting platform, has been introduced for staff and students at all GMIT campuses.

This gives people a confidential method of reporting incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, hate crime, coercive behaviour/control, stalking, assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

The data collected will be used to inform policy and targeted educational initiatives and provide users with support services relevant to their experience.

GMIT circulated ‘Speak Out’ to staff and students earlier this month following its launch by Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris in October.

Debbie Molloy, Student Services Manager and Mary Nestor, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at the college said that this will help their community have a safe and secure space to speak out.

“Individuals can report one incident, or a series of related incidents at a time; this is to ensure a full understanding of the nature of the experience.”

“It is important to remember that as the tool is completely anonymous, GMIT cannot identify or make contact with any member of the college community.”

Details of the initiative are available on: