GMIT Hotel School named one of the Top 10 hospitality institutes in the world

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GMIT has had a strong reputation for support local industry ever since it first opened in 1972, so it’s no surprise the The Galway International Hotel School in GMIT has been named on of the Top 10 Hospitality Management Institutes in the world.

The respected global magazine placed GMIT’s hotel school fourth on its list of the ten best hospitality school in the world.

Tourism is a huge industry in Ireland, and the west coast has always been at the forefront of offering visitors to our isle a Ceád Míle Fáilte.

This has presented GMIT with a wide range of industry partners who have helped shape its courses so graduates are best equipped for the workplace, and provides them with a wide array of guest lecturers and work placements.

The school was the first Higher Education Institute in Ireland to offer a degree in Hotel Management in 1977 and since then it has grown to offer courses in Culinary Arts and Gastronomy, International Hotel Management, Heritage Studies, International Tourism Management and Event Management and Public Relations.

“The tourism industry is a global employer and a qualification from the Galway International Hotel School provides graduates with multiple opportunities,” said Cáit Noone, Head of the Galway International Hotel School.

“For some this is a stepping-stone into a leadership career, for others it is an entry route to setting up their own tourism enterprise.”

Many of their graduates go on to become employed in restaurants and hotels around Ireland and the world, she said, while others join agencies like Fáilte Ireland and IBEC to help promote tourism in Ireland.

“The school has always worked very closely with industry partners and as a result when we develop any new courses we can reach out to the Irish Hotels Federation, Chef Network, the Restaurant Association of Ireland and the Irish Hospitality Institute for input and support.

“We are very aware of how COVID-19 has negatively impacted the Tourism industry and we will work with industry partners as this dynamic industry emerges from this terrible pandemic.

“The industry will evolve and I expect new job opportunities will emerge for future graduates, plus the school is offering a series of learning opportunities for industry employees in order for them to upskill or convert existing qualifications to the new level.”

President of GMIT Dr Orla Flynn congratulated the team at the Hotel School for achieving this recognition.

“The school has always had an international focus with a global alumni network supporting strategic developments and accredited work placements.”