Bursary programme lets students experience life of marine scientists

Galway daily news Marine Institute welcoming university students for 2023 Bursary programme
Marine Institute Headquarters at Renville, Oranmore

Galway’s Marine Institute is welcoming students taking part in the summer bursary programme to learn more about the life of marine scientists.

There are 22 university students taking part in the 2023 bursary programme at the Marine Institute’s locations in Oranmore and Newport.

The bursary facilitates research, collaboration, and mutual education for a period of eight to twelve weeks.

This gives students a chance to learn about, and experience for themselves, the day-to-day activities of marine researchers and scientists.

This year’s bursars will work in many areas including fisheries research, ecological monitoring and climate research, seabed mapping, and much more.

“The Summer Bursary programme in the Marine Institute is part of a long-standing tradition of reciprocal education, where both the students and the institute can gain valuable experience and exchange ideas” says Dr Paul Connolly, CEO of the Marine Institute and ex-bursar himself.

The bursary programme, which has been running since the 1960s, provides students with the rare opportunity to take part in, and contribute professionally to the world of marine science and associated fields before concluding third-level education.

The programme consists of both professional work placement and research projects, which conclude with a demonstration of the education and skills gained by the bursars.

This is presented through the production of posters displaying research findings, and a short presentation.

The programme offers opportunities across a variety of fields, with many ex-bursars later finding occupations and conducting research as graduate employees of the Marine Institute.

Helen McCormick, Bursary Co-ordinator added, “the Marine Institute Bursary presents students with the opportunity to experience the world of marine science, allowing our bursars to conduct research in their particular areas of interest and gain insight into careers in the marine sector.”

“We at the Marine Institute are proud to facilitate such education through the Summer Bursary programme and hope to continue to welcome students into our facilities for many years to come.”

The Marine Institute Summer Bursary Programme is available to undergraduate students from Third-Level Educational Institutions who have completed two or more years of study in a relevant discipline, with applications for the 2024 Summer Bursary opening in spring of 2024.