Dublin’s economic success is quickening the speed of development in rural Ireland

Galway DAILY weather galway business people say Dublin's success is good for the west

The West of Ireland is offering more and more families an escape from the pressures of Dublin, according to the organisers of a major conference showcasing entrepreneurialism in the region.

They say that cities like Galway can offer a career and lifestyle to match that of the capital.

The One Region: One Vision conference will focus on entrepreneurs, business people and ‘risk-takers’ – and the region’s designation by the EU as European Entrepreneurial Region 2018.

Ian Brannigan, CEO of the Western Development Commission, said: “As we’re seeing in Ireland, local leadership and decision making is critical when it comes to creating economic growth and delivering good jobs. We need to look to our communities to develop lasting growth for themselves and future generations – one region with one vision.”

A key topic for discussion at the One Region: One Vision conference will be the EER 2018 designation.

The ambassador for EER 2018 Minister Sean Kyne said that Ireland is going through an “unprecedented level” of change.

“Internationally we are seeing an increasing level of digitisation, urbanisation and globalisation. We can’t afford a business as usual approach.

“The entrepreneurs and business people of the west of Ireland are leaders in facing these challenges.

“This is recognised by the entire region winning European Entrepreneurial Region 2018. Further recognised by our success in the Entrepreneur of the Year competition, this year.

“Our entrepreneurs and our business people can lead Ireland into the future,” Mr Brannigan added.