€23million funding announced for regional and local Galway roads

galway daily 23 million for galway regional roads

23million euro has been allocated for regional and local roads in Galway, it has been announced.

The announcement today by Hildegrade Naughton TD and Transport Minister Shane Ross TD is part of the 2018 regional and local roads grant allocation.

Shane Ross TD said that the increase in funding had a safety focus in some areas, including the L2119 Bawnmore realignment in the County.

The Transport Minister said: “I am especially pleased that the 2018 grant allocations include important initiatives in the area of Community Involvement Schemes and Drainage.

“While local authorities were able to use general grants for such schemes in recent years, this year ring-fenced funding is being provided.

“These are two areas where I have very much wanted to take action and I am very glad to be able to do so this year. There needs to be an increased focus on measures to improve the resilience of the road network in the face of climate change.”