Galway has the fourth highest level of domestic water usage in Ireland

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Galway has the fourth highest level of average daily domestic water usage in the country according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.

The average domestic water consumption in Galway in 2016, the most recent year there’s information available for, was 381 litres a day.

Galway’s daily domestic consumption was nearly 10% higher than the national average of 351 litres a day.

The only counties that used more water than Galway were Laois (382), Longford (388), and Offaly (398).

The county that used the least amount of domestic water daily in 2016 was Cavan, which consumed an average of 298 litres a day.

According to the CSO the national average water usage in 2016 was down 8.4% compared with the year before, when it was 383 litres.

A very small majority of metered customers also managed to use a massive amount of water.

Three quarters of all domestic water usage was used by 99.1% of metered customers.

This means that just 0.9% of metered customers accounted for a quarter of all domestic water usage in 2016.

However the report for 2016 notes that particularly high usage can often be indicative of a leak.

This data is based on monthly meter readings submitted by Irish Water to the CSO and does not include apartments, private wells, and many group water schemes which would be prevalent in rural Galway.