Decision due this week on east Galway mobile mast

Galway Daily news Council concerned about visual prominence of proposed mobile mast

A decision is due this week on whether planning permission will be granted for a larger, replacement mobile mast in Woodlawn.

Planning permission is being sought by Eircom Limited to replace a 10m wooden pole at the Eir Exchange in Carrowmore, Woodlawn, with a 21m high monopole.

A cover letter for the plans states that the existing mast is incapable of supporting the equipment needed to upgrade eir’s services in the area.

“The proposed structure will enable eir to improve services within Woodlawn and introduce ‘good’ 4G & 5G coverage to the village,” the application states.

“The existing exchange has already established utilities and links to the network. It is a strategic location to provide eir services and ensure technological and work efficiencies.”

“Here, the proposal replaces an already existing 10m wooden pole which will be removed as part of the development. This is also avoiding the need for alternative development in the area.”

The larger mobile mast will also allow other operators to place their equipment on it.

Two objections from local residents have been received by the council, stating that the location for the larger mast is too close to neighbouring homes and the street.

A decision on the planning application is due from Galway County Council by Thursday, November 11.