Deadline extended for building contractors to join framework for public works

Galway daily news Deadline extended for local contractors to join public works framework

The deadline has been extended for local supplier and contractors in Galway to sign up for the Minor Building Works Framework (Residential).

The Minor Building Works Frameworks (Residential) will help contractors secure public sector contracts.

Applicants may indicate which services, county, or region they wish to apply for.

Once registered with the framework contractors will be notified when public contracts are tendered in the field and area they’ve chosen.

The work will be advertised by the local authority or other body issuing the contract via

Contracts tendered for residential work under the framework will be worth an average of €50,000.

The deadline for contractors and suppliers to register for the Minor Building Works Framework has been extended to 3pm on Monday, February 11 according to Galway City Council.

Local businesses who want to compete for these contracts must register for admittance to the framework at

Between the Residential and Commercial sides, the Minor Building Works Framework aims to deliver €100 million in publicly funded construction around Ireland to small businesses.