Crowdfunding campaign seeks to save Teach Solais LGBT+ centre

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As a funding crisis threatens to shut the doors of Teach Solais this year, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to try and save the LGBT+ centre.

Teach Solais is an LGBT+ resource centre that provides an essential community hub and support services for the LGBT+ community in Galway city.

But due to ongoing difficulties with funding, the centre could be forced to close by November based on its current costs and income.

To try and keep the lights on the ‘Save Our Teach Solais‘ crowdfunding campaign has been launched on GoFundme with a goal of raising €18,000

Amach! LGBT charity runs the community centre which is used for many essential health and peer services in Galway.

It serves as a hub for activities like the Galway branch of the national LGBT helpline, peer support groups like the GOSSIP transgender group, and many health related events like free HIV testing from AIDS West and meditation or wellness session.

Recent Health Galway funding has allowed the centre to expand on the various health initiatives that run out of Teach Solais for the benefit of the physical and mental health of the LGBT+ community.

AMACH! is dependent on funding applications, donations, and fundraising events to keep this service running, even with the generous support of volunteers who offer their time.

This is in stark contrast to other resource and outreach centres in Cork, Dublin, and Dundalk which receive ongoing funding for core staff, overheads and other operating costs.

AMACH has applied for funding from the HSE on three separate occasions over the past three years, two of which were unsuccessful and one that went through but only awarded €5,000, which is not sufficient to meet the centre’s needs.

Save Our Teach Solais has so far raised €2,772 out of its goal of €18,000.


photo: AMACH! LGBT