Gardaí launch online system for reporting hate crimes

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Gardai have today launched a new initiative for combating hate crimes, with the creation of a dedicated online tool for reporting them.

Created by the Garda National Diversity and Integration Unit, this tool is meant to help combat the under-reporting of hate crimes in Ireland by making it easier for victims to report non-emergency incidents.

Speaking today, Assistant Commissioner Paula Hilman, said “Access to online reporting enables victims to report hate crime in a way they may feel more comfortable with.”

“We understand that not everyone wants to go to a Garda station to make reports. This facility gives victims the opportunity to report non-emergency incidents to An Garda Síochána.”

“I would urge anyone who feels they have been a victim of hate crime to report it to us. Let’s stop hate crime together.”

All reports made through this system will be examined by dedicated members of the GNDIU, who will ensure appropriate action is taken to record and respond to them.

Ms Paula Fagan, CEO of LBGT Ireland and member of the Garda National Diversity Forum said that this new service is a “very welcome support” for victims of hate crimes, as well as the wider community.

This new service has been created in line with the recommendations of the Garda Síochána Diversity and Integration Strategy, 2019 – 2021.

This put an emphasis on enhancing the identification, reporting, recording and investigating of hate crimes, a definition of which is laid out in line with international practice, with the goal of protecting all minority groups in society.

Mr Dami Babade, who reported a hate motivated assault to Gardaí, shared that, “As a victim of hate crime assault I know the importance of reporting to the Gardaí.”

“I’m delighted to support the launch of an online system for reporting it. We need to work together to tackle Hate Crime”.