Almost 200 people arrested for drug and drunk driving over Bank Holiday weekend

Galway Daily news 33 Almost 200 people arrested for drug and drunk driving over Bank Holiday weekend

Almost 200 people were arrested for drug or drunk driving over the course of the May Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland.

Gardaí carried out a special traffic operation from Thursday to Tuesday morning, with hundreds of checkpoints for drunk driving.

Over the May Bank Holiday period, An Garda Síochána carried out 774 Mandatory Intoxicant Testing (MIT) checkpoints.

Some 3,179 roadside drug and alcohol tests were conducted which led to 188 arrests for driving under the influence of an intoxicant.

There were ten serious collisions over the course of this operation, which saw 11 people suffer serious or life threatening injuries.

Chief Superintendent Jane Humphries, Garda National Roads Policing Bureau said, “Gardaí work closely with other agencies and stakeholders to promote road safety awareness and enforce the law.”

“This includes regular check points to catch those who are under the influence of drink or drugs, or who decide to travel at inappropriate speeds for the conditions.”

“By working together we can make our roads safer for all and ensure that no family has to suffer the loss of a loved one.”

Garda Roads Policing Units issued on the spot fines to over 900 drivers for speeding over the course of the weekend, and 2,159 drivers were caught speeding by Go-Safe.

Another 177 people were fined for using a phone while driving, 103 for being unaccompanied learner drivers, and 81 for not wearing their seatbelt.

In addition, 354 vehicles were detained for offences such as Unaccompanied Learner Driver (75), no Insurance (131) and no Tax (148).