Online vaccination portal opens for 65 year olds

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People across the country aged 65 are registering for their COVID-19 vaccination today at the online portal on the HSE’s website.

Everyone between the ages of 65 and 69 has now been invited to register online for their AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been approved for use by the European Medicines Agency and NIAC.

The HSE says there is no rush to register as the portal will remain open, and being first to register will not result in receiving the vaccine first.

Once a person has registered, the HSE will send appointment details by SMS text message, three to seven days before their vaccination is due to take place.

People aged 65 to 69 will be vaccinated during April or May at one of the HSE vaccination centres across the country.

The Taoiseach said last week that the immediate focus of the vaccine plan is on those at higher risk and those aged 60 and over and that the remainder of the population in order of age will follow.

All people in this age group should register online if they have not already been vaccinated or received an appointment.

Those who have an appointment for vaccination already, through work, or because of a health condition, don’t need to register online.