Eight more COVID-19 deaths recorded in Galway

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The overall number of COVID-19 related deaths recorded in Galway has risen by eight in the latest data released by the Central Statistics Office.

A total of 121 people in Galway have now died from COVID-19 as of 16 April.

The median age of the 121 deaths from COVID-19 recorded in Galway since the start of the pandemic is 82, which is one year less than the median age of COVID deaths nationally.

Galway continues to record by far the lowest median age of confirmed cases in Ireland. The median age of the 10,186 cases that have been confirmed here since the beginning of the pandemic is 31.

In contrast, Mayo has the joint highest median age of cases in the country at 41, and there have been 180 COVID-19 related deaths in the county since last March.

The latest CSO data shows that the proportion of daily cases among those over the age of 65 has been decreasing steadily in recent weeks. The percentage of cases in this age group has fallen from 18% in the week ending 29 January to 5% in the week ending 16 April.

There were 15 COVID-19 related deaths in the week ending 16 April. In the week ending 16 April 2021, and 87% of deaths were among people aged 65 years and over.