Council issues advice on bogus callers


Galway County Council has issued a statement advising people about what to do when faced with suspected bogus callers. The statememnt was released following concerns that people have been receiveing phonecalls from people pretending to be from the Council and Irish water.

The statement read:

“It has been reported from time to time that people are receiving phone calls from people saying they are from the County Council or Irish Water.

“In the event that this happens please ask them for their name and their contact number and tell them that you are going to make contact with the County Council (091 509000) or Irish Water (1850 278278) to verify their identity before you will deal with them.

“If in any further doubt ring your local Garda station and inform them of the call.

“If a person calls unexpectedly and asks to be let into your house please adopt the same approach and do not let anyone in until you are satisfied as to their bona fides.

“A County Council or Irish Water employee will rarely require access to your home so be immediately suspicious and close the door unless you are expecting the person to call.”

Always be vigilant out there folks!