Council comes under pressure to reverse controversial Barista Bus ban

barista bus galway daily

Galway City Council has come under pressure to allow the much-loved Barista Bus to continue trading opposite Blackrock.

Large blocks have recently been placed at the site where it traded as the council has deemed it to be an unauthorised development.

The bus, which serves coffee and treats to tourists and locals visiting the area, has been a success since its creation last Summer.

But the large blocks now prevent it from trading, and the seating area has also been removed.

Some locals have claimed that the area has now lost its charm and a very welcome service to the area.

Commenting on the council’s decision to ban the Barista Bus, Social Democrats Candidate for Galway City West John Crowley called for a rethink to its heavy handed approach on this issue.

“Heavy handed approaches by the council like this are strangling new startups from reaching their full potential.

At a time when entrepreneurship is once again blossoming our public representatives are unwilling to move with the times and frankly are impeding creativity & progress,” he said.

Mr Crowley called on the council to reverse its decision and to change the use on this small patch of land, to allow the Barista Bus to resume trading.