Connacht Hotel owner records €1.5 million profit

Galway Daily business Connacht Hotel sees massive rise in revenue

The company which operates the Connacht Hotel saw its pre-tax profits rise by 8 percent to €1.5 million in 2017.

Newly filed accounts from the Connacht Hospitality Group which operates the Connacht Hotel show that there was also a massive spike in revenue.

The Connacht Hospitality Group operates multiple bars, restaurants, and hotels around Galway including the Connacht Hotel, An Pucán, The Residence and Forster Court Hotels and 1520 bar.

The Irish Times reports that revenues at the group rose by 58 percent to €20.46 million in the year up to December 2017.

The number of people employed by the group rose from 231 to 307 in 2017, easing staff costs €1.3 million to €3.9 million.

In the same period the pay given to directors of the firm declined by more than €50,000 to €226,656.