‘Community Champion’ appointed for Galway to lead efforts against Covid-19

steve dolan galway daily community champion


A network of ‘Community Champions’ has been set up across the state to help with the ongoing Covid-19 emergency.

Steve Dolan, CEO of Galway Rural Development, has been selected as Galway’s Community Champion, and he will lead the efforts to combat the coronavirus in the county, along with the County Forum and partner organisations.

Coordinated by The Wheel / Irish Rural Link, the ‘Covid Community Outreach’ was established by the government to mobilise the network of leaders in each county.

The individuals chosen have strong existing links within their local areas, experience of
engaging with community organisations and volunteers, and are in ongoing contact with those that the programme seeks to support.

Speaking on his appointment as Community Champion, Steve said: “We know that many of the people we work with are struggling with the isolation, employment, or other issues associated with the current restrictions and we’re here to help.

“Services across the county are responding rapidly to the changed circumstances, and community and voluntary organisations are supporting vulnerable individuals and community groups wherever needed.

“We’ll get through this together.”

Steve was the recipient of a ministerial award in 2018 for promoting integration and social inclusion, and raised €10,000 for Galway charities and community organisations last year through the publication of heritage books during Heritage Week.