Clifden church ‘completely destroyed’ by thugs

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“We’ll come through,  we’ll keep smiling.”

Those were the words of Reverend Stan Evans today after discovering the contents of Holy Trinity, Errislannan, Clifden were destroyed by vandals.

Gardaí in Clifden are appealing for anyone with information relating to the vandalism to come forward.

Reverend Stan Evans, the Priest in charge of the Church of Ireland church, said that the contents of the church were destroyed and that it was ‘beyond belief’ but that they will rise from it.

“The whole interior of the church has been compeltely decimated. The pews, the organ, the altar table, even the cross used as a tool of destruction, every window smashed, and the family Bible thrown through the east end window lying sadly outside.

“It really is unbelievable what we found. The most important thing is the building and the material will be put back right. There is no problem in doing that.

“We’ll all come together as the community which we are, and that is the whole community.

“It is the people we have to be concerned about and bring love and tender care to them as they see a treasured church trashed in such a way,” Reverend Stan Evans said.

The summer church is open during July and August for worship and it is understood that the crime was committed within the last four weeks.

Rev Stan Evans said it was difficult for him to speculate about the motives behind the attack, but that the person or persons behind it had tremendous anger in them.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Clifden Garda Station at (095) 22500.