Unlucky driver clamped as parking chiefs clamp down on illegal parking at NUIG!

clamping nui galway

NUI Galway has had issues with parking in recent years and the University’s parking authorities have had to deal with some very questionable parking on many occasions.

To park in staff and student spaces and you must display a valid Pay & Display ticket and have a valid permit.

This car, spotted today, decided to ignore the rules and park in the staff area without displaying the correct permit.

There is a Parking Management Appeals Group in place to hear appeals against the clamp on the basis of the “incorrect application of a clamp, unfair treatment, or extraordinary circumstances.”

Unfortunately for those who are clamped and others thinking of chancing their arm, the following reasons are not considered as valid: being late for work/lectures, not being able to find a parking space, a lack of knowledge of the system, disagreeing with the actual system and leaving a self-written note in the window.