Claddagh Watch extending patrol efforts for Rag Week

Galway Daily news Claddagh Watch extending patrol efforts for Rag Week

The volunteer Claddagh Watch Patrol Group has announced that they will be extending their efforts to keep young people safe during Rag Week.

The volunteer group was established to prevent deaths by accident and suicide on the river and canals of Galway City by providing nighttime patrols along waterways.

The unofficial rag week celebrations are underway in Galway this week, and will continue until next Sunday.

While considered a welcome celebration and social event for young students, it is also associated with large amounts of drinking, which can put people in danger as they congregate near waterways.

Claddagh Watch said on their social media pages that they will be running additional patrols this week as part of their welcome efforts to keep people safe.

“It’s that time of year again, the 3rd level students of the City are celebrating Rag Week/College Week until next Sunday.”

“We’ll be out all week plus our usual weekend patrols to keep them safe and sound. If you see us on our rounds don’t be afraid to come say hello.”