City Council reminds dog owners to clean up after their pets

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Galway City Council is reminding people to clean up after their dog when out walking during lockdown, or else run the risk of a hefty fine.

“It is every owner’s moral duty and legal responsibility to clean up after their dog,” the council said on facebook, adding that their waste is a health hazard, and ruins the environment for everyone.

People caught not picking up after their pet can face an on the spot fine of €150.

And with fewer people out and about, and gardaí patrolling to ensure social distancing and lockdown guidelines are obeyed, the chances of getting caught are higher than ever.

“When out walking your dog inside the 2km area please be mindful of others and clean up after your pet,” the city council said.

“Always pick up after your dog using a dog waste bag or scooping device before disposing of it in the nearest litter bin.”

As well as posing a risk to people, their waste can also spread illnesses to other animals the council added.

Galway City is renowned for its natural beauty the council said, and we should all take pride in keeping it beautiful and litter free.