Call for carers’ needs to be reflected in upcoming Budget

galway daily news family carers' budget 2023 call

Family Carers Ireland is calling on the Government to demonstrate its commitment to Ireland’s 500,000 carers in the lead-up to Budget 2023.

The charity says that family carers’ needs must be reflected in the upcoming Budget, both in policy and financial terms.

Catherine Cox, Head of Communications and Policy with Family Carers Ireland, said that there’s a lot at stake in Budget 2023 and family carers are concerned that they will be forgotten.

She said that carers rightly worry every year because they are the hidden front line or invisible army of workers that care ‘out of love’, so the Government knows that they won’t down tools in the morning.

“They’re not going to give up or go on strike. As a result, they’re ignored and that is the harsh and cruel reality, even though they save our state €20 billion annually.”

Ms Cox said that in previous years, we’ve heard kind words and noble statements from Government but that now needs to be put into action.

“What we are calling for this year is full recognition for the work that family carers do. We need to see the Carers Allowance means test abolished. Any family carer who has given up work, or who is providing fulltime care for a loved one, should be properly compensated and supported.

“Thousands of family carers are at breaking point so the usual €5 per week Budget increase is just not going to cut it. The expectation that family carers can provide 24/7 care for just €224 per week is simply indefensible, especially given the fact that only one in four carers receives the full rate.”