Ballinasloe Christian Fellowship granted permission for new place of worship

Galway Daily news Ballinasloe Christian Fellowship given permission to use building as place of worship

Ballinasloe Christian Fellowship have been granted permission to use an existing building as a place of worship and local youth centre.

Galway county council gave permission for the converted use of the building in Dunlo township, Ballinasloe.

Council planners carried out an inspection of the site earlier this month and raised no objection to the application.

Operating hours on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening should be agreed with the planning authority before the centre opens.

No music or other amplified noise can be broadcast into the street, or in such a manner as to be a nuisance to neighbours.

It was also stipulated that no signage or advertisement structures outside of what was contained in this application can be put up without a further grant of planning permission.

Plans for the place of worship were first submitted to Galway County Council by the Ballinasloe Christian Fellowship in late July.

Galway county council gave permission for the planning application with a total of four conditions attached.