Aran Islands RNLI lifeboat called to late night medical evacuation

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RNLI/Aran Islands

The Aran Islands RNLU lifeboat was called out for an emergency medical evacuation in the dead of night over the weekend.

On Sunday night, at 8:17pm, the RNLI station was contacted by the Coast Guard about a resident of neighbouring Inis Meáin who urgently needed medical attention.

The lifeboat launched under Coxswain John O’Donnell and a full crew and headed straight for Inis Meáin.

Weather conditions at the time of launching were good with calm seas, clear visibility, and a light northerly breeze.

Once at Inis Meáin, they brought the casualty aboard and made tracks for Ros a Mhíl harbour, where an ambulance was waiting for them.

Speaking after the call out John O’Donnell said, ‘We want to wish the person we helped this evening a speedy recovery.

“There was a great response time from our volunteers tonight which meant we could get the patient on his way to receive the medical attention he needed quickly.

“We would remind people that if someone is in need of medical attention or you see someone in trouble in the water, to call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.”