Appeal lodged against Satlthill apartment development

Galway daily news Appeal lodged against Salthill apartment development

Plans for two apartment blocks on the Upper Salthill Road have been appealed to the higher planning authority.

Planning permission was granted to Catena Property Ltd last month to demolish a vacant bungalow and build two apartment blocks with a total of 39 units in its place.

The apartments will be delivered in two blocks with balconies, one 3-4 storey building with 27 units fronting onto the Salthill road (Block B), and one 6-7 storey building with 11 units facing Toft Park (Block A).

The design also includes a ground floor courtyard with sculpture and a play area, and a rainwater harvesting system.

Both blocks would also have roof gardens and patios at the penthouse level, while the central courtyard will include a play area for children aged 0-6, picnic tables, bench seating and a lawn area.

Parking at the new apartment complex will be achieved through 31 parking spaces in a basement car park and 30 bicycle stand spaces.

One submission concerning this development was made to the city council by a local resident objecting to the scale of the project.

It was argued that the larger building would overlook and overshadow existing homes, and should be reduced to a maximum of five storeys.

An appeal against the city council’s decision to grant approval for the apartment blocks has been lodged with An Bord Pleanála.