Anti-war group takes to city streets backing Sabina’s call for peace

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A local peace group is taking to Shop Street in Galway city today to support Sabina Higgins’ call for peace negotiations to resolve the war in Ukraine.

The Galway Alliance Against War is supporting Sabina Higgins’ call for peace in Ukraine which she outlined in a letter to the Irish Times last week.

A spokesperson for the group said that the hysterical response to Sabina’s peace call is “depressingly reminiscent of the vitriolic abuse that John Hume had to endure when he accepted an invitation to talk to Gerry Adams about bringing to an end the ‘Northern Troubles’.”

“Thirty years on, we all know that John Hume was correct to talk to the Sinn Féin leader. It would appear the Irish media have learned nothing from that lesson.”

The Galway Alliance Against War spokesperson said that Ireland, with a seat on the UN Security Council, should be using its position as a neutral nation to promote internationally a peaceful resolution of this conflict.

“Instead, Simon Coveney and Micheál Martin seem to be hell-bent on getting us into the NATO war alliance,” they said.

“Sabina Higgins points out in her letter that up to a thousand Ukrainian soldiers are killed, wounded or captured each day. It seems to us that those opposed to peace wish to fight to the last Ukrainian. What happens then?

“The 9th of August marks 77 years since the dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki and therefore is an appropriate day for a peace event. This is particularly true, because what we are actually witnessing in Ukraine is a proxy war between NATO and Russia, two nuclear-armed belligerents.

“So when the last Ukrainian soldier falls this conflict could very easily spiral out of control and lead to a nuclear war and the destruction of the planet.”