Air quality in Galway City is ‘effectively poisoning’ us – PBP

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Galway’s newly-installed air quality sensor shows that there is a huge amount of work to be done, People Before Profit Galway representative Adrian Curran has said.

The local rep said that anyone sitting in Eyre Square, working in the area, or even passing through, is being “effectively poisoned”.

Since the installation of the sensor in January, over 80% of days have exceeded the World Health Organisation limit for daily NO2 emissions.

“The levels of pollution in Galway City show the prioritisation of private vehicles over people,” said Mr Curran.

“Air pollution can affect human health by exacerbating asthma and may lead to heart disease, respiratory illnesses, and lower birth weights.”

Curran said we need to move towards free public transport, as well as facilitating active travel – that means more pedestrianisation, more cycleways, and less car demand.

“This will benefit not just us immediately but also future generations.”