Age Friendly Alliance Meeting hosted by Galway City Council

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Back row: Daniel Connolly, Age Friendly Technical Advisor, Galway City Council; Mary McGann, Age Friendly Programme Manager, Galway County Council; Suzanne McKane, Social Prescribing Co-Ordinator, Galway City Partnership; Katie Grant, Social Prescribing Co-Ordinator, Galway Rural Development; Leonard Cleary, Chief Executive, Galway City Council; (on screen behind) Kieran Walsh, University of Galway (top); Jacquie Lynskey, Cope Galway (bottom); Liam Conneally, Chief Executive, Galway County Council; Katie Fahy, Age Friendly Programme Manager, Galway City Council; Siobhan Arkins, Galway City and County Library Services; Saoirsa Kilroy and Chelsea McConn Joyce, Galway City Council. | Front row: Joan Kavanagh – Chairperson of the Galway City Older People’s Council; Aileen Heverin – Chairperson of the Galway County Older People’s Council; Helen Murphy, Galway City Older People’s Council.

Galway City Council recently hosted the quarterly meeting of the Galway Age Friendly Alliance, a voluntary partnership of representatives from public sector agencies and other organisations that promote a positive approach to ageing.

The meeting was chaired by Chief Executive of Galway City Council, Leonard Cleary, and Chief Executive of Galway County Council, Liam Conneally, as part of the Local Age Friendly Programme.

Agenda items included a new age-friendly strategy, Positive Ageing Week, which takes place from 30 September to 6 October this year, and a presentation on the Social Prescribing Service.

The Social Prescribing Service is a service that connects people to activities, groups, and services in their community to meet the practical, social and emotional needs that affect their health and wellbeing.

It is available in both Galway city and county, operated by Galway City Partnership in the City and Galway Rural Development in the county.

Galway City Council recently appointed a new Age Friendly Programme Manager, Katie Fahy, who will work closely with the Older People’s Council to deliver the Local Age Friendly Programme.

Age Friendly Galway City works to improve the services and facilities that our older people have identified as being important to them, and the wider community, as they live healthy and active lives.

The programme involves a multiagency, multi-sectoral approach to age-related planning and service provision.

For more information on Age Friendly Galway, see and