Happy couple raise €2,500 for Galway Hospice on 65th anniversary

Galway Daily news Happy couple raise €2,500 for Galway Hospice on 65th wedding anniversary

With Ireland still in lockdown, and parties off the table for the time being, there’s never been a better time to use your happy day to help others.

That was certainly the view Jim and Margaret Burke took when they happy couple recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, and used the event to help Galway Hospice.

Unable to have friends and family over to celebrate their decades of commitment in person, the happy couple opted to hold an online fundraiser instead.

Their Facebook Fundraiser on behalf of Galway Hospice raised an impressive €2,500 to support the palliative care charity, welcome money during this time of crisis.

“Many thanks for your wonderful efforts for Galway Hospice and thanks also to all their family and friends who supported the fundraiser,” the charity said on their facebook page.