311 adults homeless in Galway in August

Galway Daily news Homelessness increases

There were 311 homeless people in Galway in August as the number of people being forced into emergency accommodation continues to grow.

The most recent figures released by the Department of Housing show that efforts to combat this crisis are failing to have an impact with 19 more people homeless in Galway than in the last report released for June.

All told there are 351 homeless adults in the west of Ireland region covering Galway, Mayo, and Roscommon.

The bulk of those, 195 people, were aged between 25 and 44, but there were also 95 people between 45 and 64 living in homelessness.

More worryingly there were 12 people over the age of 65 living in emergency accommodation.

August saw a marginal improvement in family homelessness as the number of families in the west living in emergency accommodation dropped from 87 to 83.

However this didn’t translate into an improvement in the figures for child homelessness, as those homeless families included 199 dependents last month, just one child less than in June.