Why the Galway City Museum is the perfect family day out


Galway City Museum is one of the top attractions in Galway, County Galway. But what makes it such a good place to visit with the whole family? Let us take a look.

Admission is free – more money for your favourite activities

It does not cost anything to get into the Galway City Museum, and that is always a good start! How many city centre attractions can you list that are free? It means that you would have more cash available to spend on other things – playing a casino online, for example!

Plenty of parking facilities around – easier to get the kids to

When you have got a hoard of kids excited about going to somewhere new for the day, the last thing that you want to do is have to park miles away from wherever it is that you are going and traipse across town – let alone the return journey. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to park around the Galway City Museum, all at reasonable prices. Alternatively, use public transport – it is really easy to get to.

The museum has a huge collection of cultural heritage objects celebrating Galway City – learn more about what it has to offer

The Galway City Museum is an approved repository for cultural heritage object related to the city of Galway and its citizens. There are thousands of items, lovingly donated to the museum over the past forty years by the people. All the items have been manufactured, used, owned, or found by residents of the city. This gives visitors a deep insight as to what has made the city tick and kept it being the cultural and vibrant hotspot that it is.

The museum has a full range of events – there is always something to do

If you are looking for something that is both fun and educational for the kids – perhaps it is the school holidays or a staff training day and you need something to keep them amused – there is usually a schedule jam packed with educational events at the Galway City Museum. All this is absolutely free! You do need to book for the events, but this is easy enough to do. Simply go onto the website, check out the program of events – these range from illustrated talks and workshops to music and dance demonstrations and art classes – and give the Galway City Museum a quick call or drop them an email at museum@galwaycity.ie

It is easy to combine a trip to the museum with other things in the city – make a real trip out of it

Because of where the Galway City Museum is located, it is easy to combine your visit to it with seeing other attractions in the city. It is, for example, right next to the famous Spanish Arch. You can also walk the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter, visiting the many restaurants and bars, as well as the Galway Woollen Market for traditional Irish knitwear. If you have a bit longer to explore, use the inter-island ferry service to explore the Aran islands – an archipelago of small rocky islands that still speak Irish Gaelic. They have kept the rural farming charm that is very hard to find these days in Europe, giving you an insight as to a much simpler lifestyle. You’d have to go online to replicate the live casino experience – no bricks and mortar ones here to visit!

The Galway City Museum is a great place for a family day out thanks to its amenities and ease to get to, the events it runs and its locality to other fantastic attractions.