Why it’s important that every woman solo travels at least once in their lifetime 


Travelling is one of the most enriching experiences anyone can achieve in their lifetime. Whether you have travelled as a female with friends, lovers and family, there is nothing quite like travelling alone. Travelling alone provides so many experiences, that it actually is a crime if you never have ventured as a solo traveller. While it can be scary to put yourself out into the unknown, once you do it once it becomes truly infectious. Many gateways of confidence flood in from the moment you do open the solo travel door, and while there are many reasons why you should open the door to solo travel at least once in your life, consider this a persuasive article on why you must!

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You Get To Explore Your Adventurous Side

While life may often be planned with ambitions and goals, travelling solo really allows you to explore the adventure that awaits. Not knowing a language within a country means you need to muster a new part of you to survive. While it can be nerve wracking, it may also become one of the most adventurous experiences of your whole life. Just think, all the locations from your National Geographic are possible, no adventure is too far out of reach.

Meeting Strangers Increases Your Confidence

This most certainly would apply to people who are travelling abroad and using hostels as their route for overnight stays. The amount of like-minded people you will meet at hostels, for one, loving to travel too. When you travel you will be put under the limelight when it comes to talking to people you don’t know, this especially can really help increase self confidence, and expressing yourself beyond your comfort zone. As a woman, this is definitely important, finding your voice and not being afraid to use it-even with people you do not know.

You Can Be Selfish With Your Time

Going on vacation alone means that you can plan your trip without having to worry about pleasing anyone else but you. Group trips mean that you will need to appeal to everyone and what they want to see and do, but with solo trips, the planning of your journey is all yours, and you can do what you want, when you want!

You Will Be Tested To Overcome Your Mental Limits

Travelling alone will introduce you to your perceived limits and fears, and the great thing about solo travel is, you will be forced to push past these boundaries to survive. The resilience you gain from travelling alone is a new-found source of independence. Nothing will ever challenge you in the same way. However, the great thing about it is that, when you come back to your normal environment, nothing will look the same again, and you will be able to handle more challenges along the way after your solo travelling experience.