Tech start-ups in Ireland to watch in 2022 and beyond 


When assessing the array of Irish businesses that are out there, many of them have impacted their respective industries massively. From innovative food companies to recruitment specialists, the variety of businesses emerging from Irish shores is staggering. While many industries have been reaping the rewards from it, the technology industry has perhaps benefitted more than most. 

In fact, it has been a hugely promising year for Irish tech start-ups on the whole. For example, Wayflyer recently flew past the $1bn valuation mark to become Ireland’s sixth unicorn, with Flipdish also registering similar success in the year also. Many new businesses are emerging and hoping to gain the same type of recognition that the likes of Wayflyer and Flipdish have. While nothing is guaranteed, many start-ups coming out of Ireland or being founded by Irish citizens have the chance to make a massive impact in their respective fields. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of Ireland’s tech start-ups that are being tipped for success in 2022 and beyond. 

xWave Technologies

A Dublin-based start-up, xWave Technologies is planning on disrupting the health industry through what is a potentially hugely beneficial tool. A health-tech company, xWave Technologies’ focus is on empowering patients and their clinicians to utilise a resource that houses the very best healthcare solutions at the touch of a button. Compatible with a smartphone device and on computers, it has the potential to revolutionise the healthcare industry and provide a more effective and reliable platform for patients and doctors. 


Based in Cork, Altada specialises in deep domain knowledge on AI and deep learning, with its own developments aiming to enable businesses to plan for and execute AI successfully. After being founded by CEO Allan Beechinor and Niamh Parker in 2018, Altada has gone from strength to strength. 


As we move further and further towards a potentially cashless society, Strikepay is aiming to flourish. Promising to solve the problem of tipping, the company’s patent-pending technology essentially enables someone to tip an employee at the touch of a button. People don’t need to download an app either, with the company wanting to make tipping as straightforward as possible. While Strikepay was only started in 2020, it’s expected to gather further momentum in the near future, particularly in the UK and around Europe. 


The world has certainly become heavily reliant on modern-day smartphones, hasn’t it? That, though, has resulted in online criminals being able to successfully conduct a variety of online scams. While this is rare, particularly if you’re using a trusted site with excellent security, such as playing blackjack at an online casino or using your bank’s website, it can happen on other sites or through using other apps. Not every application or website boasts the same type of security measures, hence why Trustap was created by Conor Lyden. The app works by protecting its users from being scammed when they attempt to buy or sell with someone online, with a buyer’s money being held in a safe hold account until all transaction details are completed. 

Venari Medical

Galway’s very own Venari Medical is aiming to make its innovative invasive medical device a vital tool in the treatment of chronic venous disease (CVD). The disease, which is when patients in pain have weak valves in the veins of their legs, could help with the issue massively with the insertion of this clever mechanical vein catheter. While the business is in its infancy, Venari Medical is one to keep an eye on in the future. 

Other tech start-ups in Ireland to watch include Galenband, Nexalus, and Vyra.