Is it Easy to Optimize Open Cart Stores for SEO?

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There’s more to running a successful online store than having a fantastic checkout experience and plenty of products for customers to choose from. Today’s business leaders need to think carefully about how they can boost their chances of being found and chosen by customers, in a sea of competing brands. A strong website design and some social media and paid advertising campaigns can give you a good head start. 

However, in the long-term, you’ll find a huge portion of your potential leads will likely come from searches with Google. Most of today’s consumers start their search for products by typing a few keywords into Google. So, when you’re building a website with Open Cart, how easy is it to make sure that you’re capturing the attention of both the search engines and your buyers?

Can You Optimize an Open Cart Store?

The good news for today’s site owners is that it’s usually possible to optimize any online store. All you really need is the right strategy, and a little bit of guidance. For instance, the basics of SEO, like using the keywords that your customers search for most often in blog content, will apply to your store too. You can also rest assured that Open Cart is a great tool for maintaining a fast, high performance store, so your bounce rate should be pretty low. 

Additionally, because Open Cart is quite well-known among today’s ecommerce brands, there’s also plenty of guidance available online to help you. Guides can even show you how to master the best SEO strategies for beginners and improve the visibility of your OpenCart shop. Some of the basic strategies might include:

  • Optimizing headers and title tags: OpenCart gives you the option to control and configure header and title tags, provided that you have the SEO Backpack integration. You’ll need to download this integration before building your pages.
  • Upgrading URLs: Every page you make on OpenCart, including the pages for your individual products, should be optimized for the search engines. This includes making sure keywords appear in your links when necessary. 
  • Internal linking: Creating an internal map of connected products within your store, such as items linked to a specific category, should improve your chances of appealing to search engines like Google. 
  • Product image optimization: Optimizing product pages with alt text (So people know what your pictures include even when they can’t see it), the right file name, and a strong quality level will help you appeal to the search engines too.

Improving your Store’s Ranking

To thrive in today’s digital world, you need a way to stand out from the competition, and connect with your target audience. Knowing how to optimize your website is absolutely essential if you want to reach the right customers. However, you’ll need to be willing to keep working on your campaign and enhancing your efforts as the search engine algorithms change. Remember, as the online world evolves, your SEO strategy will need to change with it, no matter which site builder you use.