How to Travel With Your dog in a Campervan

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Campervans have become more popular with people in recent years thanks to their ability to accommodate the needs of pets. For dog owners, having a mode of transport that’s convenient and appropriate for their pets is a must! Many people even joke that their campervan is purchased just for their dog. In all seriousness, consider the five tips below when travelling with your dog in a motor caravan!

  1. Keep Your Dog Safe

Safety is of utmost importance when driving with your pet in the campervan, but how you protect your pet will depend on their temperament. Some dogs do okay without any special assistance as they tend to sit still and relax. However, others may need to be restrained by a seat belt or even placed inside of a crate while travelling. At the end of the day, the amount of space in the vehicle also plays a major role in the safety process

  1. Make The Space Feel Like Home

Dogs feel best in a familiar environment, so make sure to create a cosy atmosphere inside of an Irish registered campervan. Bring favourite toys or blankets to make the foreign environment more inviting. Your pet will feel not only more at ease while travelling, but they will discover new sights, smells, and sounds that hone their skills.

  1. Travel With Comfort In Mind

If your dog enjoys travelling in a vehicle, chances are that they will enjoy a campervan as well! In fact, don’t feel surprised if your dog ends up liking the motor caravan significantly more than your car thanks to its spaciousness. During long holidays, your dog will feel more relaxed when you’re laid back and less stressed out. After all, this provides adequate bonding time with their favourite person in the world!

Make the temperatures comfortable in the campervan by adjusting them based on the season. It’s also important to allow your pet some time for exercise and stretching their legs. When you see a scenic spot you like, simply pull over and enjoy a mini adventure with your pet; relax with a cuppa or play a round of fetch! If you are looking for luxury comfort, then choose Rambling Rover for your next campervan hire in Ireland.

  1. Always Keep Vet Records On Hand

Medical records and valid proof of vaccinations are crucial when planning your holiday. Make sure you always have the necessary documents with you when travelling with your pet. Should your pet get sick somewhere far from home, having their medical records with you can help make it easier to seek treatment. It’s also wise to create a shortlist of vets in the areas you’ll be travelling to as it eliminates undue stress and ensures that you’re prepared for the worst should it ever happen!

  1. Bring Plenty Of Food And Water

You wouldn’t forget to bring yourself any food, which is why you should carefully plan for your furry friend’s meals as well! Always bring enough food, treats, and water for your pet for the entirety of your travels. Water is perhaps the most important, especially when travelling during the warmer months of the year as dogs are easily dehydrated and require plenty of filtered water. There are many pet feeder bowls and gadgets that you can purchase for your dog to help minimise any potential messes while on the road. Of course, not all pet feeders are high quality, so if you prefer something more traditional, just place a food bowl inside of a larger bowl to catch any potential spillage left behind by your pet. Once again, opting for something familiar is a great way to make the campervan environment more pet-friendly.