How to Create a Cool and Calm Garden Sanctuary


For most people, the garden is the perfect spot to retreat from the world, destress, and relax. According to research, being in nature or just looking at green spaces usually has a relaxation effect and a positive impact on mental health. This is why in this article, we have provided some simple tips to help you turn your garden into a calm and soothing sanctuary. 

Keep your color schemes and layout simple

The simple layout and uncluttered color scheme have helped turn this small garden into a calm and soothing personal retreat.

Perhaps the single easiest and most integral aspect of creating a calm and cool personal oasis is keeping your color scheme simple. To achieve this, limit the planting to green and cream shades – enhanced by pale-colored garden furniture and raised beds. To bring the scene together, consider installing a fence and benches made from matching wood. 

Go green

Green is one of the most soothing and comforting colors. This is mainly because it is the primary color that we associate with nature. Lawns, hedges, and topiary embellish structural elements with an all-year-round color. 

Perennials include any plants that live for three years minimum. The term also refers to any herbaceous perennials that grow for many years. For reference: annual = one year, biennial = two years. 

Perennials also provide seasonal accents. Subtle dashes of color prevent it from becoming overpowering. 

Create a sense of enclosure

Trees, pleached trees, and screens like those shown above can help create a sense of privacy and enclosure. 

Screening your garden for privacy

It is an innate desire of us as humans to feel enclosed and protected by our surroundings. There are different ways you can go about creating the perfect low-cost fence. You can then smother it with climbers to achieve a greener look. If the fence height doesn’t offer adequate privacy, you can plant some trees or add a trellis. Hedges and preached trees like the ones shown above have the added benefit of trapping noise and pollution. This not only helps to make your garden more peaceful but cleaner too.

Add water

Outdoor water features have the unique capability of making any garden magical. Their presence and sound give a sense of peace and tranquility. The dancing reflections, the patter of raindrops on a pond, and the beautiful wildlife it is bound to draw in will significantly contribute towards achieving your perfect oasis. So, why not consider adding a fountain or any other practical water feature?  

Create an ideal space for wildlife

Watching butterflies, bees, and birds is one of the most captivating and lovely ways of spending time in your garden. So, consider planting some flowers to lure them in. 

RHS for pollinators

To attract bee, butterflies, and birds, consider planting a lot of wildlife-friendly plants. Watching these beautiful creatures enjoy your garden can help keep your mind off the struggles of the real world. Our team has done a lot of research into the best types of plants for bees and other pollinating insects. 

Set up a place to rest

One of the best ways to enjoy and take in your garden in all its glory is from somewhere comfortable you can sit, relax, and rest. So, make sure that you have garden furniture, both in the sun and shade. This way, you will be able to make the most of your garden and as regularly as you want. It is also important to consider the views from inside the house too – preferably from the living room, kitchen sink, or wherever you love watching the outdoors from. You just need to prioritize. Having a seat that is in full view from within the house is bound to draw you to it, encouraging you to visit the garden and make the most of it. It is also a good idea to place edible plants close by, that you can enjoy while taking in the surroundings.